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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Sep 30, 2020

Rise above Good and Bad,
Rise above Right and Wrong,
Rise above Life and Death.

That is the message of all Enlightened Masters who experience the non-dual nature of one's own being through Meditation.

Unless we live ADVAITA, the non-duality, there is misery, there is matter what you do.




Sep 29, 2020

Meditation is a journey of knowing oneself, going in every corner of one's construct and discovering everything about it - who we are, why and how we act, and witness our inner mechanisms in action during daily routines. One such aspect which we rarely pay attention to is fear. You know how it feels, but do you...

Sep 28, 2020

Here I explain 4 Breathing techniques based on kundalini yoga to overcome distractions during meditation and also to increase the ability of awareness to penetrate ones' inner depths. This is a short clip from the full session on breathing techniques and guided meditation available on my website:


Sep 27, 2020

Søren Kierkegaard was a 19th-century Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author who is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher. The majority of his work was an exploration of the topic of fear, anxiety, inner trembling, insecurity and so on. In his book published in...

Sep 25, 2020

When you enter into silence, if you come back from the same door, it means that you did not go deep. Going deep in silence means that you have forgotten everything; that you have dismissed, eliminated your entire past. All mental patterns are left behind, and the consciousness is silent. Stay in that silence and come...