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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

May 29, 2019

In this meditation I talk about:
- Spiritual energies and their connection with different stimuli in human system
- Kundalini as the storehouse of energy
- 7 Chakras as different access points along the spine
- Gurdjieff’s way of making his disciples experience the higher source of energy
- Meditation technique to get...

May 9, 2019

This podcast is a recording of the meditation session (#3097) led by Dhyanse in Switzerland on 21th Jan 2019.


Format of the session:

Wisdom Talk (~20 mins)

Guided Meditation (~20 mins)

Silent Sitting (~10 mins)

Q&A (~5 mins)


In this meditation session, Dhyanse talks about 3 Essentials of Meditation:

  1. Let go