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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Nov 28, 2020

Why don’t we experience the divinity of life? A disciple of Buddha asked him the same question. Instead of replying with an immediate answer, he told the disciple to conduct an experiment, a short survey. Buddha said, “Tomorrow go out into the village, knock on every door and ask what do they want in life. Later in the evening you come and report to me about your learnings.” While roaming around the village and knocking hundreds of doors, it dawned upon the disciple that almost everyone in the village is desiring for more or less the same things: more money, a bigger house, better relationships and so on. No one actually is seeking to have more truth, more beauty, more bliss in life. Upon listening to the results of this survey later that evening, Buddha said, “If no one is seeking the godliness of life, its truth, beauty and bliss, how can they ever have it?” To experience the godliness of life, one’s own godliness, there has to be an intent of seeking in the first place. Seek and you shall find! Knock and it shall be opened for you. So please take a moment to reflect what you are looking for in meditation and in life.

The full session with discourse & guided meditation available for free on this podcast (number 3143) or on my website.

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