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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Oct 20, 2018

A full guided meditation with Dhyanse held in Zurich, Switzerland.

The concept of desirelessness is one of the essential aims of different spiritual traditions, but there is rarely a transparent solution on how to become desireless, other than run away to the mountains and stay in silence for thousands of hours. However, it is possible to attain that state of desirelessness in a much simple way – by simulating it.

By visualizing that we already have everything we have ever wished for or could possibly wish for, we remain without any desires. The aim of this meditation is to help you go deep inwards and question yourself. All actions we take in our daily life come out of desire, so how would you move without desire? Is the state of desirelessness something that we should want or not?

Join me for this meditation session to find the answers to these questions.

Be well,