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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Dec 24, 2018

In this podcast, we seek inner peace by being quiet. When we are quiet, the mind and the body will follow. We will use a mantra and the breath to help reach this state of quiet.


Inner peace is right here. You just need to be quiet.


What does it mean to stay quiet? It means that when the body or the mind are asking for your attention, you do not give them attention - you don’t involve yourself in the process. You remain indifferent. That’s where you reach inner peace directly.


Trying to get the mind and the body to stay quiet in order to reach inner peace can be a long journey. A shorter journey is simply to stay quiet yourself.


When you remain quiet like this, what happens as a consequence is that your body and mind start to follow you.


There is one way of achieving inner peace, which is an indirect path in meditation where we learn different techniques to help to silence and relax the mind and body.


In this session, we are going to do a more direct way of meditation, that is - starting with you being quiet, being silent. If your core is at silence, your mind and body will slowly follow.


You can stay quiet like this without any particular technique, but in this session I will teach you one simple way in which you can bring this vow of silence, it is using a mantra and the breath.


There will be minimal guidance from me throughout this meditation, to allow your silence to grow within.


I hope this enhances your meditation practice



"Direct Path Mantra Meditation for Inner Peace: A Guided Quiet Meditation" is the full podcast of a guided meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland held on 26 November 2018.