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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Jul 28, 2019

In this meditation session, I speak on a Yogic framework of understanding 10 sensations in our ordinary experience of consciousness which can become compulsive.

5 sensations related to PERCEPTION:


5 sensations related to ACTION:

1. Articulation: The sensation of speech and expressing oneself using thoughts. Highly useful, but one of the most disturbing inner compulsions.

2. Movement: The sensation of movement can become an unconscious validation that 'I exist'. It must be put at rest to become self-aware beyond the body.

3. Grasping
Insecurity leads to an obsession with possessions and all other forms to fulfill the sensations of grasping.

4. Reproduction
In this context, it refers to a sense of expansion and the desire to become more than one is in the present moment.

5. Elimination
An obsessive sense of exclusion.


Once a meditator identifies the 10 sensations which can lead to compulsions, the next step is to learn to withdraw one’s awareness and energy away from these sensations. This structured process in Yoga is known as ‘Pratyahara’. ‘Pratya’ means perception, and ‘Hara’ means withdrawal.

Practicing ‘Pratyahara’ on a regular basis helps the meditator to keep their awareness in control, focused on desired places and not getting caught in compulsions.



I am Dhyanse, a Spiritual Master with a contemporary approach to Yoga, Zen and Tantra. I live in Switzerland/Germany area since 2008 and bring the authentic art of meditation from India to the western world.

My work on Meditative Wisdom is a tribute as well as a succession to the contributions by Osho, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Shivananda, Vivekananda, Aurobindo, Maharishi Ramana, Papaji and many more...who transformed my life in the first place.

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